Key Kitty with retractable lanyardEvery adult needs KEY KITTY!


Never lose your keys again!

Never hunt and dig for your keys again. Key Kitty keeps your keys handy.

Always within easy reach.

Keys attach to the inside of your purse –

Pull them out when you need them using the retractable lanyard.

Detach from the lanyard when you need more mobility.


Key Kitty Self Protection

KEY KITTY  becomes your own personal protection.

Faster, easier and safer than chemical sprays!

Your KEY KITTY will send an attacker running!

KEY KITTY is not a toy, it offers real protection.

Safe for you, painful to an attacker.
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For personal protection, carry your Key Kitty with your fingers through its eyes.

Everywhere. All the time. When in danger, you’ll know what to do.

Key Kitty Flashlight

Never be afraid in the dark again.

Press KEY KITTY’s nose for a bright security light.
Find your way in the dark, read a map, or find a lock.
KEY KITTY’s built-in light shines brightly to lead the way –
Over uneven pavement, through parking garages or down dark streets.
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I purchased a Key Kitty for both of my daughters.  They are both in college and I worried about them walking alone at night. They can clip the keychain on the side of their book bag – offering them protection and a small flashlight.  The retractable lanyard is nice making it quick and easy to use.  While it is a nice feature, I hope they never have to use the pointed kitty ears!  Quick shipping. ~ Terri V.